Rebrand to EveryStudio


September 15, 2018


Geofilter Studio began in March of 2016 with the initial purpose of “making a few filters”. Two and a half years later, we are closing in on our 100,000th Geofilter. Collectively our filters have accumulated close to three billion views worldwide. Every day we are fortunate to work with couples planning their wedding, mothers planning their child’s first birthday party, high profile celebrities, as well as many of the world’s largest brands. It is extremely gratifying to provide a product that allows people to share and remember their special moments.

Growing 24,000% in the first 14 months was very exciting and posed interesting scaling problems that tickled my brain. Last summer we began to focus on research and development, in an effort to explore different products, and ultimately better understand where to situate the company in the ever-changing design and technology sector. This led to EveryStudio. EveryStudio is the parent company that now houses three separate brands: EveryStudio AR (Augmented Reality), EveryStudio Stickers, and Geofilter Studio. Each brand is its own entity, however, they all provide a product which is focused on design for emerging technology.

EveryStudio AR and EveryStudio Stickers have been a work in progress over the last year. We have created AR products for massive global companies, and our sticker packs have been viewed over 100 million times in the App Store.

Today marks the official transition of our Geofilter Studio social media accounts to EveryStudio. The EveryStudio brand has a different feel than Geofilter Studio which will be reflected through the aesthetic of our social media, as well as through the shift in content on our pages. You can expect to see more behind the scenes work, case studies from past clients, and our typical office shenanigans. We are excited to start this new chapter of the company and can’t wait to share it with you!



Chris Schmidt


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