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We strive to always design high quality filters and provide a seamless customer experience.

The Reality

Geofilter Studio is an organization run by humans. There is always the chance we may have fallen short of our mandate.


Geofilter Studio

Quality Assurance Centre



Our Solution Shop

The Geofilter Studio Quality Assurance Centre was opened by our CEO to provide all clients with a direct and easy route resolving any issues they have with our product or services.

Every case opened with the Quality Assurance Centre is carefully investigated. This includes a review of the customer service members who worked on your order.

If the Centre is unable to resolve your issue internally, the Vice-President Sales is involved to personally review the matter.

The Quality Assurance Centre reports directly to the CEO of Geofilter Studio.


Our Pledge

We take all Quality Assurance issues seriously. We strive for consistent client satisfaction.

As a continuous improvement organization, we track all issues with client satisfaction. Our processes are updated regularly based on cases in our Quality Assurance Centre. This helps prevents a similar issue from arising in the future for another client.


Open A Case

With the Quality Assurance Centre


Try and resolve the issue with your Geofilter Studio customer service member.

If not successful, continue to step two.

Please submit this form to open a new case with our Quality Assurance Centre.

RESPONSE TIME:  Within 72 hours (Monday - Friday).


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