Have you been deceived in searching for the original Geofilter Studio? Please alert


Thank You

Ever since day one Geofilter Studio has held a high standard to produce quality work and provide exceptional customer experience.  As we just passed 15,000 customers we are extremely grateful for the amazing customers we have worked with.


Please Be Aware

It has been brought to our attention other geofilter companies are not only copying our designs, website, product model, legal documents, and everything else imaginable that can be copied, but also deceiving the public with fraudulent claims and by impersonating Geofilter Studio.

We take these issues very seriously. Customers have learned to expect a constant quality from our service and may be disappointed when rendered elsewhere.



The most common instance is typo-squatting. Typo-squatting is when one creates a slight alteration to our URL or name on social media that directs customers searching for our product away to another company.


Fraudulent Claims

We have strong evidence that demonstrates other companies are falsely inflating the number of clients they have served in order to minimize the significant difference between our company and theirs. Additionally, other companies post designs on their website and social media they did not make to improve the look of their showcase and deceive the public of their design abilities and past clientele.


The Truth

Analytics suggest we have served 10-20x more clients than our competitors. We are proud of our experience working with over 15,000 clients and some of the largest brands in the world. Our head-office currently has 75 full time members dedicated to Snapchat Geofilters.


Please be aware

We ask that you double check you are contacting the correct company when searching for Snapchat geofilters.

If looking for the authentic Geofilter Studio - the largest and first geofilter design agency in the world - please note:
          All our emails end in:
          Our website URL is:



Please direct Inquires to