There are two fees

Design fee + Snapchat fee

All orders include our free Snapchat submission service

Design Fee - Personal Geofilters


Fully Custom Designs


Custom Text 

Custom designed text to fit with your event, colors and theme.  We don't just use regular fonts (e.g comic sans), we actually design your geofilter around a font.



Custom Imagery 

Anything you like...balloons, hearts, boats, champagne glasses, viking hats, superman, pineapples, mermaids, lighthouses, beachballs, ferris wheels, elmo, etc. 



Cartoon Imagery

Let us cartoonize you, your partner, or your pet.  This is the ultimate option to wow your friends.

$100/first figure + $20/additional figures


Turnaround Time

1-4 days depending on the demand.  We do offer a rushed service, view details below. We need a minimum of 8 hours before an event begins to process an order.


All orders come with custom text. Options are combinable.

Customizable Templates


Change Text


Change Text & Colors


Turnaround Time

24 hours or less. View our rushed service below. We need a minimum of 6 hours before an event begins.

Design Fee - Business Geofilters



If you are a business, festival, large corporation, charity, restaurant, etc. you qualify for a business geofilter.

To purchase a business geofilter go to 'order a fully custom geofilter', start the order form, and select 'A business'. The form will ask some basic information regarding your geofilter. After reviewing your order and one of our business geofilter experts will be in-touch. Often business geofilters require more work than personal geofilters. Therefore, we will provide a quote before we begin designing.

You can also reach us at for more information.


Rushed Fee




  • Applied on same day template orders and template orders placed after 3pm CDT for a following day event.


  • Applied when a cartoon order is placed within 4 days of an event.
  • Applied when a fully custom order is placed 48 hours before an event.