Feeling Lucky?


Feeling lucky? Needing a little more suspense in your life? Then trust us, we have a surprise for you.

For a discounted rate, we will design a filter. The catch, you don’t get to see the design until it goes live at the event. Just tell us the main components of the design you want (ie. the text, colors, imagery etc.) and we will take care of the rest.

We have designed and submitted more custom filters than any company in the world. We are confident that we will create a filter that you will love for your event. All orders include our free Snapchat submission service. 

How it works:


  1. Select "I'm Feeling Lucky!!!" when placing your order.

  2. Confirm the Snapchat fee and geofence we email you.

  3. Pay the outstanding amount and enjoy your filter! 

The Snapchat fee is dependent on the location, size (square footage) of the geofence, and duration of your event. Click here to learn more about the Snapchat fee.

***I'm Feeling Lucky!!! is not applicable to cartoon orders.