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Order Process

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  1. Place an order in under 5 minutes.  Start your order here
  2. We will review your geofilter request to ensure it complies with the geofilter guidelines and then message you that we are starting on your design.
  3. We will require your approval at two steps:
    a. Approval of your geofence
    b. Approval of your geofilter design
  4. Once approved, we work directly with Snapchat to activate your geofilter.
  5. A final invoice is sent for your records.
  6. Enjoy the geofilter at your event.


What can you design?

Almost anything. Just describe it, and we can make it.

How can I ensure my geofilter turns out perfect?

Our custom online order form asks specific questions about your design. Please be as detailed and specific as possible about how you envision the geofilter looking. There is also the opportunity to upload a sample image.

All this information is passed directly to our designer. The more details you can provide, the more information they have to work with.

What if I buy a geofilter that is denied by Snapchat?

Our extensive experience allows us to know ahead of time with very high certainty if your geofilter will be approved by Snapchat. In the exceedingly rare occasion a geofilter is denied by Snapchat, we will do any necessary revisions free of charge to ensure your filter is approved.

Turnaround Time

How long does my geofilter take?

It depends on the complexity of your geofilter. Standard turn around time is 6 business hours for template orders and 1-4 days for fully custom orders.

We do offer a 24 hour rush service (read below).

Details about standard turnaround times are on our Prices & Services page.

Can I get my geofilter faster?

Yes, we have the fastest turn around & upload times in the industry.

We offer same day service on template orders placed before 3pm CDT. Order placed after 3pm CDT will be active the next day. Template filters rush fee is $15.

Custom text & image filters with events starting in under 48 hours are charged a rush fee of $30. Custom cartoon orders placed within 48 hours of the event are charged a rush fee of $50-$200, the price depends on the number of people in the cartoon.

Snapchat Hosting Fee & Geofences

What is the Snapchat Hosting Fee?

Snapchat charges to host custom geofilters ("On-Demand Geofilters").

We bill you the Snapchat Hosting Fee at cost.

The price Snapchat charges is based on two factors:

  1. The square footage of the area your geofilter available in.
  2. The length of time your geofilter is live.

What does the typical Snapchat Hosting Fee cost?

Snapchat typically charges $8 - $20 for most goefilters we upload.

The smallest geofence available from snapchat is 20,000 square feet. This will easily cover a house and yard. It would cost approximately $5 to run for several hours, or approximately $15 to run for 24 hours.

A geofence that is larger, for instance a 60,000 square feet (a square city block) may cost $20 for several hours or $35 for 24 hours.

A geofilter run in a rural area may cost less.

A geofilter run over a stadium will cost more during the Olympics than for another type of event.

In this way, the Snapchat Hosting Fee is individual to the location & event time.

What is a geofence?

A geofence is the geographic area your geofilter works in.

It is an actual 'fenced-off' area. Everywhere inside of the geofence your geofitler is available. However, if you stand outside of the geofence, your cell phone is unable to access your geofilter.

alt text

When will I find out my Snapchat Hosting Feee?

We will draw your geofence, and send you a copy of the location and the cost for your approval. This happens typically within 48 hours of submitting your order. For rush orders, this process happens faster.

How do I create a geofence?

We offer a free Snapchat Upload Service. Our customer service representatives will handle all the work with Snapchat.

What is the geofence process?

  1. When placing your order we will ask your event location.

    Note: Please be as specific as possible where you would like the geofilter to be active. Do you want the parking lot included? If your event is in a large venue (such as a shopping mall, golf course, conference centre, stadium, etc) how much of that area would you like your geofilter active in?

  2. We will send you a mockup of your geofilter for confirmation. In addition, we will send the price that Snapchat will Charge to host your geofence.

  3. We will require your approval of the geofence before we upload your geofilter to Snapchat

What is the shortest/longest a geofilter can run?

Shortest is one hour. The stop time is on a hourly increment.

The longest..up to you. We have run geofilters for some clients over a year.

What is the smallest/largest area of a geofence?

The smallest Snapchat permits is 20,000 square feet (comfortably cover a house & yard).

The largest is standard size 5 milliion square feet. Approximately the size of a university campus. If you are interested in a larger area, please contact us directly.

Can't I just upload it to Snpachat myself?

You can. Please note Snapchat will charge you the same hosting fee, that we charge - as we charge the Snapchat hosting fee at cost.

The advantage to Geofilter Studio uploading your geofilter is our experience. We can help ensure the upload goes smoothly and is on time.

We also have learned many tips and tricks that are helpful in ensuring the geofence drawn will work for the location selected. For instance, extra 'buffer room' on the geofence is required for the goefilter to work inside certain types of buildings or in certain cities.

In the event the geofence malfunctions, if we uploaded the geofilter, we have experience working with Snapchat to help obtain a refund of your Snapchat Hosting Fee.

What is the Snapchat Hosting Fee for a Community Geofilter?

Community Geofilters are public filters. They are available at notable public locations, such as local landmarks, neighbourhoods, and cities.

Snapchat hosts Community Geofilters for free

Please note: Locations often have mulitple Community Geofilters that Snapchat hosts. For this reason, they are unable to guaruntee that even when your Community Geofilter is approved that it will be available 24/7. There is always the risk your Community Geofilter may be displaced by a more fresh or better design.

Some Community Geofilters have run for years. Others only weeks or months.


How much does a geofilter cost?

The prices reflects the complexicty of the design. Template geofilters start at $25. Custom personal geofilters start at $35. Custom Business geofilters start at $50, and Community geofilters start at $100.

See our Prices & Services Page for more details

When is my payment due?

A credit/debit card is required to place an order. The card is charged the Design Fee after an account manager has had a chance to review your order request, and before our designer's get to work.

During the design process, we calculate your Snapchat Geofilter Hosting Fee, based on what Snapchat charges us. This amount requires your approval, and is billed at the end of the process when your geofilter is uploaded with Snapchat.

Why do you charge the Design Fee upfront?

Online fraud is common. The Design Fee is charged upfront to ensure the customer's request for a custom geofilter is legitimate. Our company has professional graphic designers, and we are unable to waste their time on 'fake' orders. Our revision service ensures you will be satisfied with your order.

Is my payment secure?

Yes. All transactions are handled by Stripe or PayPal. Your information is stored in secure PCI DSS complaint platforms.


Can I cancel my order?

Yes. If a designer has not started working on your order you will receive a full refund. If a designer has completed the initial proof, only a partial refund can be issued at the discretion of our Quality Assurance Centre dependent on the situation.

What if I don't like the design?

We work with every customer one-on-one to ensure complete satisfaction. We allow minor revisions to every design at no additional fee. We recommend providing as much detail as possible when placing the order. This enables our designers to create your vision. Major revisions (i.e. a whole new design) cost $10-$20 depending on the requested artwork.

Do you give refunds?

Yes. However, this is rare as almost all clients end up satisfied with their final Geofilter proof. In those cases where our clients are not satisfied, we work with them to review and revise the geofilter. If a designer has not started working on your geofilter, you can cancel the order and receive a full refund. If a designer has completed the initial proof only a partial refund can be issued at the discretion of customer service, dependent on the situation.

All refund issues are handled by our Quality Assurance Centre.

Contact Us

Any other questions? Just ask.

Existing Geofilter Studio customers should contact us directly by the email used in their order.  If they have any issues with their service, please contact our Quality Assurance Centre.

All other inquires, please see our Contact Page