Facebook Frames

December 8, 2016


Facebook's latest update looks a lot like one of Snapchat's prize innovations, geofilters.

For some time Facebook users have been able to add a pre-set illustration made by Facebook (such as the Paris flag color's during the aftermath) overtop a profile picture. Facebook has now opened up a feature in Colombia, Mexico, Taiwan, Ireland, and UK giving users the ability to create their own profile picture illustrations and upload them to Facebook for all to use.

Since fall Facebook has been testing a new camera experience in Ireland with similar features to Snapchat; users can send pictures and videos privately, overlay face filters, doodle, overlay text, and as of today, add Facebook Frames.

Facebook Frames are their version of Snapchat geofilters.

For the time being only people in Ireland can upload a Facebook Frame. Of course, any frames (for either a profile pictures or live photos and videos) that are uploaded to Facebook need to be approved and must adhere to very strict guidelines, just like geofilters.

You may be wondering why did Colombia, Mexico, Taiwan, Ireland, and the UK get access to these features first? Those were the markets that were using the pre-set frames most over the last few months. If all goes well Facebook will roll out the features world-wide.

Geofilter Studio has become the go-to-company for custom Snapchat geofilters, attracting everyone from individuals to large corporations from all around the world. Having built a reputable brand on high quality designers, fast turnaround times, affordable prices, and personal one-on-one customer service, Geofilter Studio has cemented themselves at the top of the industry. Geofilter Studio will now be offering their services for Facebook Frames.  Initially only people in Colombia, Mexico, Taiwan, Ireland, and the UK will be able to place an order for a Facebook Frame. However, as soon as Facebook Frames go world-wide, so will Geofilter Studio.